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These small text files are stored on your computer in order to achieve a better functioning of the website. For the correct use of the website is accepting cookies is necessary.
It uses three types of cookies:

Functional purposes Cookies facilitate the use of websites.
So the website can for example recognize or a visitor is logged in.

Analytical purposes to understand what visitors find the most interesting pages are visitor statistics tracked. This data is anonymous and provide insight into the routes that follow visitors within the website. Thanks to this information can Web sites be adapted to the wishes of the visitors.

Commercial purposes
companies use cookies to determine where the interests of the visitor. Ads can be adjusted. Also can track which ads have already been shown, through which can be prevent you from getting the same ads. itself does not use cookies t.b.v. commercial purposes. works with partners who may be able to use these cookies. Examples of such partners are social media and ad networks.

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